Botch Cargo Bikes: Thomas

April 7, 2021

If you’ve been following us recently, you will know that we really love the idea of an open workshop: a place where people can share their knowledge in food, music, art, and of course cargo bikes!

The story of Thomas is one of which we love the most: last year he stayed in our workshop for about one month to learn the basics of cargo bike building using our DIY kit. He then returned to his home town Toulouse, where he started his own project: Botch Cargo Bikes.

Botch Cargo Bikes has the goal to make a good cargo bike from a recycled frame by using our standard kit as the front part. We are really proud of this project!

botch cargo bikes using diy kit

What is also important to underline is the work philosophy behind this project. We leave it to Thomas’ words:

“I need to say that I share most of the values of OFFICINE | RECYCLE: localization of the production, DIY, recycling, working with local companies, listening to good music all day long, making bikes for everyday use and _not for the weekend with friends like we are making the Tour de France_, sharing knowledge and time with others, playing bass and drums in the workshop…”

Working locally, acting fairly

Since the beginning of our adventure our mantra was: “is it fair to source our components from the other side of the World?”. Even if we knew that the answer to this question was NO, it was not always easy to find an alternative. We needed to struggle, but at the end the result is so much better than a container arriving on a ship (if not blocked in the Suez channel).

That’s why we are so proud of this collaboration with Thomas: first of all because the distance between Toulouse and Modena is not so big. And second, because we all share the same core values:

“I put a lot of attention in working with local companies. I make my laser cuts 20 minutes from my place, I buy metal in Toulouse, the paint shop is near… You always win in some way by working with locals and not trying to find the cheapest options online. You tie real partnerships with people and they can help you out a lot. Remember this: buying local is always good for the health and not always bad for your wallet!”

botch cargo bikes using diy kit

So, we have to wish all good luck to Thomas and tell you to check out and follow his work on the gram. Check out also a small gallery of his super cool new lab!