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Bronte (ancient greek: Βρόντης, Bróntês) is the son of Urano (the sky) and Gea (the earth). He was a cyclop living on the Etna, in charge of thunders creation. Esiodo describes him (together with his brothers Sterope and Arge) as an exceptional creature, deeply skilled in the processing of iron. He and his brothers were in fact casting Zeus' lightnings.

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Officine Recycle

Passion for steel, the great tradition of Italian framebuilding and a different idea of ​​urban mobility: that's where Officine Recycle comes from. Based in Modena, we are an artisanal workshop for the design and production of handmade cargo bikes.

These transport bicycles find their origins in the Netherlands (someone would say Denmark), from the need to transport heavy loads in a fast, efficient and economic way. Inspired by the first Dutch cargo bikes, we
synthetized in the workshop our own personal idea of how ​​transport on two wheels should be. A MTB driving setup, which allows you to keep sustained speeds without sacrificing comfort, while also maintaining excellent steering accuracy.

For us, a cargo bike must have a clean and harmonic line. That's why we designed our 100% made in Italy frame using only 3 CNC bent tubes.
Dynamic, ease of use and agility are fundamental, together with the strength of the frame tested in more than 6 years with every kind of load.
Today you can find our bikes in more than 11 countries around the world, having traveled for hundreds of thousands of km, replacing every day a car or a van!

Fabio BAM travel


Wheter you're an enthusiast cyclist or a courier who takes care of the last mile delivery, you need a bicycle where loading the goods is easy and safe above all. For this reason we have designed an aluminum box of more than 250 liters with a certified UFO lock, light, resistant and waterproof, capable of carrying loads up to 100kg.

Who chooses a cargo bike from Officine Recycle can have also another type of front loader, open and in anti-slip aluminum, which allows the transportation of protruding loads in maximum safety, thanks to its anti-slipping function.

At Officine Recycle we also have two kids, of 1 and 5 years, and while thinking about their safety and comfort we have created a special wooden box made of ultra-resistant resined birch. Carrying your children in one of our cargo bikes will be a breeze, knowing that your children will always feel comfortable and safe thanks to the expanded polyurethane seat with safety belts.

It doesn't matter if you have to go out for a ride with your children or complete the delivery as fast as possible, don't worry: our cargo frames are available in two variants. Bronte and Bronte XL, with a larger loading space and 25cm longer. As a tribute to our love for elegant and fast bikes, we designed QB - our idea of a compact urban mini-cargo.

Bronte cargo bike carbon gates drive


We have thought about everyone, even those who have to travel great distances or go uphill in maximum comfort. That's why we can electrify all of our cargo bikes, thanks to a powerful and reliable 250W HillRaser mid-drive motor equipped with torque sensor. The big 17Ah battery allows you to easily reach 80-100 km of autonomy, even when travelling fully loaded. Check out our E-Bronte as an example!

Cargo Bike E-Bronte 250 W


Since our first days at the workshop, we started a tight partnership with Shimano - for us a guarantee of reliability and performance. For Bronte, Bronte XL and QB we thought of standard setups based on the japanese producer groupsets, depending on the main use:

Touring: entry-level setup that allows you to deal with any terrain with agility thanks to its Deore 27-speed shift.
Urban: easily move around the city thanks to the Alfine8 hub shifts that allows you to change gear even when stationary, for a quick re-start.
Wild: for those who can not settle and always aim for the best. Complete SLX 2x11 groupset, for a cargo bike sportive like a racing bike.

All our frames are also available with a lower top tube and as for the components, they are totally customizable in our workshop according to your needs. Write us and we will find the most suitable solution for you

Whichever is the best choice for you, your frame will be a unique piece without replicas.

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