Transform your old bike into a small cargo bike, The FORK uses a 20 inch front wheel to lower the center of gravity of the load floor, this allows you to easily handle bulky or heavy loads whether you are a courier or want to transport your own pet, the design will definitely add style to your bike
The FORK is designed to replace a fork with a bearing seat wheel axis of approximately 400 mm with a steering angle of 70°-72° to have a horizontal plane, in practice all 26″ MTBs with rigid forks or Trekking/city 700s
If the bearing seat axis length is different from 400 mm, expect changes to the steering angle and bottom bracket height, consider that generally every 10 mm the angles change by 1° and the bottom bracket height varies by 5 mm, therefore if your fork is more than 400mm the angles will be steeper and the bottom bracket lower. If your fork is less than 400mm the angles will be slacker and the bottom bracket higher

Made in Italy using Steel pipe
Wheel size: 20”
Axle : 9×100 QR
Brake type: IS mount
Max rotor size: 203 mm
Max tire: 20×2.4 with fender
Axle to crown: designed to replace a 400 mm fork
Fender and rack mount
Offset: 42 mm
Platform dimensions: 400 mm x 300 mm
Steerer Tube Diameters: 1 ⅛” or 1″
Color : Custom paint (RAL color)
Max load weight: 20 kg

Stainless steel mudguard
20″ wheel
mechanical disc caliper
180mm disc

€345 painted
(shipping to Europe and VAT included)