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Karl, Sweden, Bronte XL

“Hello again,

The QR code was attached to the connector and the instructions were very clear.
I’ve done my first ride now and I really love the bike and the feeling. It’s so well balanced and smooth to ride. The long distance from the handlebars to the front wheel gives a different control than a standard bike, but still very easy to handle.
Fantastic design and work you have done.
Kind regards, Karl ”

Dominik, Germany, Forcellina

“Hello Marco,

this is my bike with your cargo fork. A tracklocross cargo πŸ˜‰. It’s so nice to drive. Thanks for the fast delivery and this beautiful fork.

When you need, you can post photos 😊. Good weekend.

Marek, Repubblica Ceca, Bronte XL Frameset

“Hello Marco,

thanks for the tracking number. I can’t wait πŸ™‚ ! . Thank you for all your support during customer service, let’s keep in touch together and I will let you know after the successful assembly on the first RECYCLE cargo bike in Czech Republic!

Have a nice day Marek.”

Julien, France, Bronte XL

“Hello guys,

Excellent delivery, thank you for your work.

Best regards,


Leopold, Germany, E-Bronte XL

“Hello Marco,
bike #373 arrived and fitment worked well.
The bike looks great, just as I thought it would, and it rides even better.
The size fits perfectly and all the accessories work very well together.
Thanks also for the t-shirt,


Edoardo, Italy, Bronte XL Frameset

“Hi guys! I’ll send you some photos of the bike! Super stable!! Thanks again!!”

Kevin, France, Bronte XL Frameset

“Good morning,

I received the frame well and I am super satisfied with the quality.

Thank you so much, Kevin”

Vincent, France, E-Bronte XL

“Hello Marco,

Yesterday I did a first test of the bike. Great!

Jason, USA, Bronte XL Frameset

“I picked up my frame from the courier on Friday. There was some delay with the paperwork on their part. But I finally got it safely in my workshop. I’m excited to start assembling it. Everything looks good. I’ll send it to you photos when I’m done.

Is this the first frame/bike you’ve shipped to North America?


George, Italy,Β  E-Bronte XLΒ 

“TOP bike! After 1700+km in a year I can say I’m really satisfied!! And the children even more so.
Always available to support with the resolution of after sales problems, even when I was the one who caused them.
Absolutely recommended!


Mees, Netherlands, Bronte XL

“I went to the bike shop to learn how to make cargo bikes. Each bike is made with dedication and love. The bikes have a beautiful design and a fantastic ride. I also have my Bronte XL and it goes as fast as the wind!

Yamina, Germany, Bronte XL

“Hello Marco and Fabio,

I am deeply in love with my Bronte XLπŸ’š!
It rides wonderfully light and sporty. Even without electric traction. My dog ​​is slowly becoming more relaxed.
Choosing Bronte was the best decision!
Thank you for the great advice and processing of my wishes!
Many greetings from Yamina”