E-Bronte 250W

Electric Cargo Bike

E-Bronte, available both in Short or XL version, is our electric cargo bike. Equipped with 3 different motors:

  • Oli Motors Edge  (Made in Italy)
  • Oli Motors Sport Plus (Made in Italy)
  • Bosch CargoLine

It supports you from the first pedal stroke thanks to the active torque control. The big 600W battery grants you an operating autonomy of up to 100km.

E-Bronte is the perfect cargo bike to replace your car, available with internal hub gear (chain or carbon belt) or external derallieur.

All our frames are available both with high and low top tube configuration and they are totally customizable in our workshop according to your needs (geometry, size, paintscheme, accessories). Write us and we will find the best solution for you. Whichever is the best choice for you, your E-Bronte electric cargo bike will be a unique without replicas.


Price starting from 4038 €




For E-Bronte we have designed a specific Shimano setup, to better fit the characteristics of an electric cargo bike. Our choice is to use only the Shimano Alfine groupset (8 or 11 speeds), with an internal gear hub, joined to the Oli Motor 250W with 90Nm torque.

The main advantages of this configuration are 3:

  • It allows you to change at while standstill. This is important when restarting, to avoid over-stressing the engine and unnecessarily consuming both battery and mechanical components.
  • It maintains a perfectly straight chainline in any gear, to allow the mid motor to work at its best. On assisted pedaling bikes in fact the forces on the chain are quite high, and a traditional derailleur groupset tends to wear out very quickly.
  • Virtually requires no maintenance. Just take care to shift while not pedalling, and change the chain every 5000km or so!


bronte xl alu board pianale alluminio mandorlato
bronte cassone legno wooden box
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Officine Recycle - Cargo Bike - Bronte 18 months kids
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