#5 – Painting

In this last tutorial we will see the last details, in particular the kick-stand, the steering rod, and the painting of our cargo bike. Steering Rod The steering rod transmits the rotation impressed on the handlebar to the front wheel. Among the various systems we have chosen the single rigid arm. The choice is dictated mainly...

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#4 – Disk brakes

In this tutorial we will describe how to realize and mount the disc brakes for our cargo bike, both on the rear dropouts and on the front fork (if needed). Even if the disc brakes are a newcomer in the bike industry, there are already several standards available. One of the first standards to be...

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#3 – Welding

The next phase of our project is welding our cargo bike. It is a fundamental part, and we need to put special care while doing it since it can really affect the final quality of the cargo bike frame. The main difficulties are two: The technique by itself requires a lot of experience and good...

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